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French – diminutive of fauve “fawn-coloured”.

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Lifelong friends Philippa Friedman and Jean-Marc Delys have turned a long-term dream into reality and chose the iconic Chris Capus premises in Penarth for their first cheese venture. The shop specialises in artisan cheeses from the British Isles as well as Natural Wines. They source goods from producers they have personally met, in order to pass on a story of craft and provenance to their customers.

The pair met in London over two decades ago while working in the restaurant industry. Philippa later left the capital for the Cotswolds and joined the small cheesemaking team at Daylesford Organic under the helm of Joe Schneider, who now produces the famous Stichelton Blue. There, she learnt about Cheddar-making and rind washing, finally specialising in affinage. Jean-Marc followed later and joined local cheese wholesaler Fromage to Age, establishing links with British cheesemakers and small independent retailers across the Midlands and South. Both have been guest judges at the British Cheese Awards alongside cheese guru Juliet Harbutt.

The business is named Fauvette after a friendly, doe-eyed brown and white cow, on Jean-Marc’s childhood farm in the Loire Valley. Fauvette’s milk was mixed with the milk from the goat herd and transformed into a delicious Valençay style ash-coated pyramid cheese.


“To have such a fine shop on our doorstep offering the finest of cheeses from around the country, we are lucky indeed! Selling far more too..superb bread..incredible selection of deli …and all sorts of other delicious goodies allied with knowledgeable staff…treat yourself and support this fantastic store..”


“Every village should have a fromagerie, I am very happy Penarth has Fauvette”


“Popped in for some cheese boards on a lunch date. Delicious, quality cheese with great customer service. We will be back for more!”


“Died and gone to heaven! Brilliant and very knowledgeable”


“Delicious affordable excellent quality organic wines and cheeses and excellent customer service! I couldn’t recommend it enough”


“Love this shop! the cheeses are amazing, and the accompaniments are perfect. Cheese lover’s paradise”


“Fabulous shop! Thank you so much for your help choosing the delicious array of gifts. Excellent, friendly and welcoming service”


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Spring milk

April is an exciting time of year. Fresh spring cheeses are starting to appear. Moving from winter feed to green pastures, cows, goats and ewes produce a much more delicate and tasty milk and this is good news for all cheesemakers and cheese lovers. We will be bringing in some new goodies for our April/May selection so keep an eye on our counter. We are working on some new dates for our tasting events, and are in talks with some future hosts. Dates and details will be sent to those who subscribe to our newsletter first. We have limited spaces and tickets fly out so keep an eye out!

A family of cheesemakers

Fauvette stayed opened through out  the “Beast from the East” episode, providing comfort cheese and wine to stranded locals. Our sales of Conker Gin rocketed during these few days. Anything goes to stay warm! March saw the end of the Mont d’Or season, if you missed out on this delicious gooey delicacy, you will have to wait for its return in November. Our lat tasting evening took place on Wednesday 14th when we welcomed Maxime Bozec who entertained us with family tales of cheesemakers, great knowledge and a fantastic array of cheeses. We hope to welcome Maxime back soon for another themed evening. Sign up to our newsletter if you wish to grab an early ticket to an event.

Welcome to our website

Since opening in August 2016 we at Fauvette, have been concentrating on getting things right in the shop and establishing our customer base first and foremost. This has left us with very little time to think about building a website. Our online presence has been primarily through social media applications. We love posting pictures of our cheeses and wines and are always amazed how quickly people respond to our posts, both online, but more importantly in the shop. But we thought we should take the plunge and tackle the daunting task of building a site from scratch. So here we are! We will aim at giving not just the basic information but to also start building a place where you can join us in our love for great cheeses and delicious wines. We hope you enjoy the site and keep coming back. Jean-Marc & Philippa

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